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Staying Healthy Before, During & After Vacation

My mom and I recently took a girls’ trip to Cuba with my 16 month old – it was the first time I had travelled with my little one and I was nervous about the possibility of her getting sick given an estimated 15-45 percent of short-term travellers suffer from a health problem associated with their trip. As a result, I was determined to do everything in my power to ensure we all stayed healthy.  Continue reading

Common Toxins in Personal Care Products

Up until recently, Krishn and I lived in a condo and one of our biggest pet peeves was stepping into an empty elevator, only  to find the synthetic scent of the previous occupant still lingering in the air. It sounds dramatic, but after years of having eliminated heavily scented products, the slightest odour of perfume or cologne just isn’t enjoyable.  Continue reading

Walnut Freezer Fudge

With the holiday season upon us, it’s important to have a few go-to recipes that don’t completely derail your healthy eating, but are delicious at the same time. Invited to a last minute party? Have company pop in unexpectedly? This fudge is the answer to your entertaining dilemma! It’s super easy and takes five minutes to make, uses ingredients commonly found in the kitchen and is both gluten and dairy free.  Continue reading

Reaching the Tipping Point – My Diagnosis with MS

“You have tons of lesions all over your brain, you definitely have MS.”

I stood there shell shocked. After years of symptoms leading me to countless doctors, neurologists and late night MRI appointments, it was the diagnosis that had long been suspected. Even though I knew MS was a possibility, receiving confirmation of the disease hit me hard (not to mention delivery of the news wasn’t exactly how I had imagined.) Continue reading