Our bodies are extraordinary and capable of more than we could ever imagine; every day new  discoveries are being made in the world of health. At Tipping Point Nutrition, we’re committed to inspiring others to join us on the journey towards a healthier lifestyle through our one-on-one work with clients, weekly podcast, speaking events and workshops.

Joanne’s ‘Tipping Point’


With over 10 years of experience working in the corporate world, I fully understand the challenges of balancing a family, high-stress career and serious health condition. In 2009, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and my health quickly began to decline.

After my diagnosis I decided to first attempt to manage my symptoms and disease progression through a healthier lifestyle. I went on to study holistic nutrition, and upon graduation opened my private health and wellness practice, Tipping Point Nutrition.

Today I am thriving and living symptom-free with the help of high-quality supplements and a nutrient-dense diet. My diagnosis with MS was the catalyst that began my personal crusade to not only relieve myself of disease symptoms, but to help others as well.

DAR-6571 (2)In my nutritional practice, I leverage my education and personal experience using whole foods and therapeutic supplements to help clients who have reached their ‘tipping point’ take control of their health. While able to consult with a wide variety of clients, I specialize in working with busy families and people suffering from autoimmune conditions. I also do a lot of education around gut health, controlling inflammation in the body, essential oils and pre/postnatal nutrition.

I’m very active in the health and wellness community,  facilitate corporate seminars, home wellness workshops and am passionate about leveraging nutrition and positive lifestyle changes to help clients achieve optimal health. Click HERE to read my full story.

Krishn’s ‘Tipping Point’

I used to pride myself on being a healthy, fit guy. When I met Joanne, I hit the gym almost daily and my cupboards were stocked with the latest in body building supplements, stimulants and protein powders.

543438_10151756790899213_2064616101_nAfter observing the lifestyle Joanne led in order to manage her MS, I slowly began to adjust some of my habits and take more of an interest in what I was putting in my body. After doing this, I quickly began to experience the benefits of focusing on overall health versus physical appearance alone. My aches and pains disappeared, my recovery time after workouts was accelerated, digestion improved and I didn’t wake up in the morning feeling tired and agitated. I had improved conditions that I never even realized I had and overall just started to feel GOOD.

I ditched the products full of artificial colours, flavours and other additives and replaced them with nutrients and high-quality super foods the body is able to recognize and use. These days my philosophy towards working out has even changed – I no longer spend hours weightlifting, but focus my efforts on functional fitness involving whole-body resistance exercises, kettlebells and mixed martial arts.

Seeing such positive results encouraged me to pursue further education in the field of natural health. Today, as a Certified Functional Nutrition Health Coach,  I help clients who have reached their ‘tipping point’ achieve health and fitness goals through proper nutrition, customized therapeutic diets, essential oils and functional fitness. Click HERE to read my full story.