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Are You Getting Enough Movement Nutrition?

Movement is not exercise, but rather something we do every moment of the waking day. Despite being a critical aspect of our lives, we’re typically unaware of our movements and pay little attention to them. Even though we know that the current form of the human body is a result of hunting, gathering and adapting to various environments over time, we still don’t seem to fully grasp that our daily movement patterns have the ability to impact our physiology. Continue reading

Staying Healthy Before, During & After Vacation

My mom and I recently took a girls’ trip to Cuba with my 16 month old – it was the first time I had travelled with my little one and I was nervous about the possibility of her getting sick given an estimated 15-45 percent of short-term travellers suffer from a health problem associated with their trip. As a result, I was determined to do everything in my power to ensure we all stayed healthy.  Continue reading

Interview with Matt Embry of MS Hope


UPDATE – Matt’s new documentary ‘Living Proof’ will premier at TIFF this September. See full details at bottom of post.

After being diagnosed with MS in 1995, Matt’s father (Ashton Embry Ph.D), set out on a quest to find the latest information on multiple sclerosis and to develop a diet that could help with the management of Matt’s MS symptoms. The diet focused on removing processed and inflammatory foods, refined sugars and foods such as dairy and gluten that contain proteins found to trigger autoimmune disease flare ups. Paired with a healthy lifestyle, Matt has long credited this diet to the continued management of his disease symptoms. Continue reading

My Tipping Point and Journey to Achieve Optimal Health

I was 15 years old when I first stepped into a local chain supplement store. I remember being amazed by all the packaged products adorned with images of perfectly sculpted men and women, alongside buckets of protein powders promising to turn you into the hulk. Amino acids, creatine, testosterone boosters, pre-workout caffeine concoctions – I thought these supplements were modern-day science unchaining us from the limits of our genes and biology. I was into bodybuilding at the time, but I was lifting heavy and I was lifting incorrectly.  Continue reading

Walnut Freezer Fudge

With the holiday season upon us, it’s important to have a few go-to recipes that don’t completely derail your healthy eating, but are delicious at the same time. Invited to a last minute party? Have company pop in unexpectedly? This fudge is the answer to your entertaining dilemma! It’s super easy and takes five minutes to make, uses ingredients commonly found in the kitchen and is both gluten and dairy free.  Continue reading